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Please come along, as I discuss the things I am truly passionate about.

I hope you like what you read, and take something form it 

that enhances your life. 

I try to take the wisdom of the east, and blend it with the practicality of the west, since I have lived in both East and West

for a good part of my life. 

I have spent my childhood and some of my youth in India,

and the rest (most) of my life in the US. 

My goal is to convince people that health care does not have to  be so complicated, and that choosing moderate over excessive,

is simply a wise choice in the long run. 

I don't claim to have medical training or schooling. 

I am a Political Science Major.  What I do know for a fact though, 

is that our medical practices of today are mostly unreliable, excessive, and even downright nonsensical! 

We've come a long way from: "Doctor knows best!"  

In recent years, over the past five, especially,

I have been studying and practicing alternative remedies. 

Nothing extreme mind you - mostly age old, home made cures, and natural remedies - Very basic, simple, common-sense, old fashioned alternatives to the excessive treatments and extreme measures 

that are common place and normal practices today.  


I am sensitive to strong medicines and have reacted unfavorably to them any and every time.  Rather than fighting the system when I'm unwell, I try my best to be well as much as possible.  

I passionately believe in and highly recommend Prevention over Cure! ​

I really didn't think much about it, until I realized just how far,

we as a society, (in the US, especially), have drifted from

basic common sense to medical nonsense

That is when I decided to share my concepts, with the public,

hoping to bring back good old fashioned caring and nurturing

instead of over-treating.  

I simply want to remind and convince people, how much better our own bodies will cooperate with our own mind and our own care. 

After all, who can want better for the self than oneself, Is it not?

I successfully completed a course in Wellness Coaching, and would like to offer wellness consulting & advice, online later on, also.


In part two I would like to recommend what works, and also hope to share some of the simple, inexpensive, easy and effective remedies I have learned about, tried, used, and benefited from. 

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Later on, I would like very much to address topics that are dear to my heart, like non violence, religious tolerance, and peace. 

Starting with feeding the "spirit", instead of the "pig". 

Earning  your support & encouragement will enable me, to embark on a journey that is: 

My Calling ..... My Life's Purpose.

Thank You!

 Be Well, XOXO.


(BanJo is Part of my first & last name, & also happens to be my nick name)


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