The Well Worthy Mind

(Part 2) 

The Prepared Mind:

Part 1 was a serious preparation for Well Worthiness.  Practicing "Wellness Karma", Being Well Worthy Deserving of Wellness.  Mindfully inviting good health by taking the time to Think Well (healthy), and Be Well (healthy) -  In Mind, Body, and Spirit.

LISTEN to The Mind:

In part 2, we shall focus on Listening - "Tuning-in" and paying attention to what the Mind, is telling us.  I have found, that the more we care to pay attention, the more acute the signals become.  Just as we tend to notice things that we are interested in, more, and often miss or don't notice notice what is of little or no interest to us, the more interested we are - Mindfully Listen, the better our understanding & connection becomes. The more we practice listening, the better the signals and the more tuned in we become - That is a Fact!

Careful What You Take In:

It is very important to remember that what you feed the mind is what the mind will ultimately become.  So mindfully keeping the garbage out, is healthy. (Free will should allow each person decide what is "garbage" and what is not, but careful not to compromise your standards)What we take in intentionally,

can and does affect our health.

Highly Sensitive People:

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"The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive


Some people are more sensitive and/or emotional than others. High sensitivity is a basic character trait, and if you are a highly sensitive person I would (highly) recommend you watch this video on Utube, called: The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People.  Those of us who are very sensitive, need to mindfully practice caution about what and who to listen to and hang around, and who or what to keep at bay.  Yes, this is difficult, (at first) but I can tell you from experience, that it becomes easier with practice, so do practice and be Well Worthy.

Well Worthiness is Empowering:

When we make wellness our priority, our self- worth rises, and we begin to value ourselves more.  We feel worthy, because we feel better (healthier) when we know we are doing a good / the right thing.  Being good and right is very powerful.  The advantage good has over bad is that it is not only devoid of guilt, it is empowering!  In fact, with enough practice, we can peacefully but confidently stand by our choices and stand up to who so ever hinders your progress.  Taking care of our health is an excellent choice, but unfortunately not a very popular one today, so be prepared for unnecessary conflict from people who will resent you for doing what they secretly wish they had done, or can do.  Healthy people benefit themselves, and others and feel better about themselves, than unhealthy people, make no mistake about that

The 5 Senses Affect on the Mind:

So, considering the five senses, taking in healthy or unhealthy  sensations will cause us to be well or unwell.  The effects may take a while, but sooner or later our health will be affected.  It is healthy to mindfully choose to see, hear, smell, taste and touch that which is good over that which is bad for our health and well being.  Yes, it is that simple and not quite as complicated as our world has become.

Clean choices are healthier choices, period!

Some of us like challenges, adventure, dares, risks, scares, and all the youthful things that tend to fade as we get older and wiser.  There is nothing wrong with extreme and silly fun every once in a while, but on a regular basis calm, peaceful, quiet, clean, and moderate is definitely healthier than anything excessive or extreme.  After 40 it would be wise to choose moderation over excessive, for Well Worthy Reasons.

Careful What You Give Out:

By the same token, what we think and tell ourselves and others can and does affect our health.  Guilt is one of the worst things for one's health - (Better believe it). Just as goodness is empowering, guilt is weakening.  Since each one's standard of right and wrong can differ, it is intention, thinking we are right or wrong is what matters here.  (Caution: Do not fall for the all too popular "fake it" routine - because our mind is not stupid, and recognizes right from wrong) Making the wrong choice will simply result in guilt - So.....

...Good rule of thumb: if our intentions are good it is usually a healthy choice.  We cannot always know what is right and wrong, being that standards differ greatly in this big wide world of ours.  Core values rarely differ that much however, so if we think it is right, it is a healthier choice than if we even suspect it is wrong.  From a Well Worthy Perspective - Practicing "Wellness Karma" is the Well Worthy

Way to Go!


There are words that are repeated in Wellness-Yoga called "Mantras." From personal experience, I know they work.  In the western world Affirmations, serve in a similar way.  Sound vibrations are powerful things, but strangely enough, our intentions do affect the outcome.  Westerners often mispronounce Sanskrit  mantra words, sometimes so much so, that the entire word is distorted to mean something else entirely;  However, the intended meaning (the positive intention)is what makes the mantra work.  So know this:  speaking, thinking, and doing well or ill intended things, do have corresponding consequences when it comes to affecting our health.  (Wellness Karma in action) To challenge it is foolish, just know that being

Well Worthy is Practicing Wellness Karma.


Our mind has a defense mechanism, that kicks into gear when it has reached its limit.  There after, it shuts off the adverse / upset reflexes, to prevent the discomfort or pain from causing repeated trauma.  When something produces a shock sensation, the mind/body becomes uneasy at first.  We are afraid, scared, frightened, upset, etc. but if the same thing happens repeatedly, (over and over), the mind  is programmed to tune-out, and its automatic defense kicks into gear.  That same thing does not affect (shock, scare, traumatize us) as much, and affects us less and less, to the point that we become desensitized.  

That said, it is alarming how desensitized children of today are, to violence and other unsocial things.  Basically programming them to accept it, as normal behavior.  Society is gradually becoming so desensitized that we are accepting more and more of what was once totally unacceptable.

Whatever Happened to Clean Fun?

Some years ago clean fun was common practice.  Quite often among  the younger generation, clean fun turned into contaminated fun, and sometimes unclean fun.  As the years progressed we seemed to have regressed with clean fun becoming less common and more  contaminated.  So much so that dirty turned to filthy and filth is slowly but surely becoming the norm .  Filth is not only the fun of  choice among the young and carefree today, but also the fun of choice for our highly contaminated older generation as well.  Sadly we as a society have gone from being

Unworthy of Wellness, to downright SICK!

Listening to the Mind Has its Rewards:

Once we have begun to practice Wellness, our minds become more and more intuitive, and our instincts tell us what is good for us and what to avoid - Better Believe It

Moreover, it pays to listen and respectfully obey.  In the beginning we second guess ourselves, but with practice we soon realize how good our intuition has become, and we start to pay attention, respect and obey.  The signals get better and better when we pay attention, and before long we are confident about doing what is right for our health and well being.  In fact, finding out that our senses are becoming exceptional is a wonderful feeling.  We simply intuitively know what the right choice is, and with practice we learn to respect and rely on  our senses and respect the mind for the ability to just know.  

Our Minds are incredibly powerful.  Our Subconscious Mind is Amazing! 

Magical is what we think until we realize what Jesus meant when he said: 

"What I do, You can do also."

Please, help me to raise Wellness Awareness & Bring Wellness Back. 

Thanks for Taking this Journey with Me. 

(If and when I find more useful information to share, I shall add-on)


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