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I Truly Appreciate These Kind Compliments:

(I shall do my very best to add yours / more to the list)


Rob Kagel:

Hi Banjo,  This is Rob, your Nextdoor friend.  Congratulations on your Web-site.  It is absolutely amazing, thoughtful,beautiful and comprehensive.  To be honest, I think it is one of a kind.  I have never seen another site quite like it.  I know you will experience great success.  Good Vibes to you Banjo!  Rob

Darius.Rocky.Collie (Colabavala).

your website is awesome really. Saw and read and LEARNED a lot from it you WILL do very well and succeed in it mainly because you are so passionate and Believe in what you profess we wish you ALL the best in your endeavors


Franky Raposo:

Awesome Website. Very sure your services are gonna be awesome too. Here’s wishing you success and ‘well being’  in your business.  (Canada & SHHS)

Persy Munshi:

Great job, Banoo.  This website is sure to inspire many to seek & follow  their higher self in ways that would benefit no only themselves but also others they interact with.  All the best!!


Good job on the website mom. Very thoughtful and well put together. Love you 


Mukesh Vasudev Bhatia:

thanks for letting us know its within us to achieve happiness. we are ALL searching for it outside. luv you dear mean achievement 

Oliver Pereira:

Good job Banoo, very inspering message, all the best to you, God bless you, Oliver.

Thomas (Chief TP):

Congratulations !  Good stuff Banoo well done !!

Sheela Rai:

Wow Banoo , your website is  simply gorgeous ... I loved it spl the lotus. Very attractive.  Wellness will go places. And u too . All the best. Sheela

Kat Lang:

So tastefully done! Visually pleasing and enlightening.


 Beautiful thoughts on an amazing site, truly wellness is within us and can help us achieve the inner peace we seek. Well done Banoo very proud of you.

Jyothi Premraj:

Hey Banoo dat was a gr8888888888 job cant imagine u hv soooo much to give.....keep going n b assured u will hv a lot of followers. All d best.

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