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The Well Worthy Balance

Part 1

Well Worthy Balance.



B O  D Y



Balance of  Mind, Body, Spirit = Wellness of Being =

A Well Worthy Balance:

Being well has come to mean more than just being in good physical health.  It now means well in the important aspects of life - mentally, emotionally, and physically.  From a Well Worthy Perspective, it means even more.  Not only a healthy mind, body and spirit, but a well balanced one.  Theoretically it is important to balance all three equally, and achieve optimum wellness, but practically it should mean, as close to an equilibrium as possible, given the circumstances and situations of a less than perfect environment (world/life) So: 

To put it theoretically: Wellness is a balance of the three important aspects of our being - namely mind, body, and spirit, in order to achieve optimum health. 

To put it practically: Wellness is bringing the three aspects (M,B,S) as close to a balance as  possible, to achieve the best possible results / good health. 

To put it realistically: (in blunt worldly terms):  Wellness is a balance of mind, body, spirit, and finance.  The last aspect (finance) is one that is a blessing, or "the root of all evil" - a curse, but an important aspect in our world today, none the less, so worth mentioning for the purpose of honesty & practically. 

 However, Please Note: when I had written about balance years ago, Finance popped into my head as an important aspect that should be included, with the three, and at the time, I had every intention of dedicating  a section to honor it.  Today, I have left it out of the equation entirely - Why? Because I have concluded, that it is not a part of our being, but in fact, a material (tangible) "thing" that simply does not hold enough weight, when compared to the other three (M, B, S) which are inherent in us, and absolutely vital to our wellness of being. (More about that in part 2)

A Lot Easier Said than Done:

Balance is easier said than done.

Balancing all of these aspects, is a lot easier said, than done. Not many of us can actually boast of being well balanced, in mind body and spirit - all three.  In fact, if we are being perfectly honest with ourselves, at least one or two of these are off balance at any given time, in our lives.  So, does that mean we're a human race that's not well balanced? 

An Honest answer to that question is: Yes! 

(Not shocking to any of us 21st century urban dwellers & busy people.)

 Perfection is an equilibrium (balance) of all three aspects, but since "no body's perfect", that becomes near impossible. (Considering the wonders and miracles of life, anything is possible!?)

So let's cut ourselves some slack and try to attain probable, shall we? If we cannot attain a perfect balance, and each one's standards are different, a sensible universal standard, that would generally apply to all, might be best. 


We can all can agree, that BALANCE is necessary.

So, Making sure the mind, the body, and the spirit are equally nourished, and satisfied, for the sake of  balance, would be a simple and doable suggestion. However not quite that simple, if we go for what's popular, what's acceptable, and what the "normal" standard is, instead of what is simply: "Well Worthy".  Nourishing each one of the three (M, B, S) equally,  brings Balance.

The Healthiest Possible Balance as a Goal:

Knowing that a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit may not be practical, with all the stresses and strains of everyday living, coming as close to a perfectly healthy balance as possible, would be a good wellness goal to have. That said, some of us are more balanced than others, obviously.  Often, someone who seems to be in perfectly good shape, and so together or balanced, may not be quite as well as they seem.  That is precisely why we are often shocked to learn of celebs who seem to have it together with the "world at their feet" suddenly break down.   From a Wellness Perspective:  One or more of the three important aspects of wellness (The mind, body, or spirit), was extremely under nourished and severely neglected.  

Balance is Just a Well Worthy Attitude Away:

Each of us needs to take responsibility for our own well being,

to be part of the WE in Well BALANCED society, country, WORLD.

It is important to figure out our level of balance / imbalance and then rectify the imbalance.  First and foremost, we must be completely honest with ourselves and recognize how balanced the three aspects are on a scale, or how tipped the scale is. That is: how much stronger are we in one or two aspects, and how much weaker or lacking in the other/s.  If the scale is tipped just a little, we need not be too concerned, and simply work at perfecting the scale, (putting more emphasis on/paying more attention to the one/s that need more nourishing.) If, however, we are among the many, who's scale is tipped quite a lot - (Reminder: The further the scale is tipped away from being balanced, the more unwell we truly are). 


Studies and science have proven time and again, that our attitude can either heal or harm us more than any professional can.  I strongly recommend self help before seeking professional help.  No one knows us better than ourselves, if we only take the time to pay closer attention, and focus.  (Mindfulness)

We will also discover that if we lack in one aspect, the other two make up for it, or if we lack in two, the one is strong enough to compensateThat is often why, the neglected one or two aspects go unchecked and ignored, until a crisis occurs


So checking to make sure body, mind and spirit are properly nourished, will fix many of the physical, mental, and emotional problems that come from MONEY MATTERS.  Of course our finances matter, but our mind body and spirit should matter even more.  That is why I left finance our of the equation, it should not matter as much as it does, to most (unwell/overworked/over achievers of today) as it does. If we make money as/more important as/ than our very own body, mind, and spirit, then we are responsible for a materially rich society, full of unwell/sick people, that don't deserve to be Well.  Look around us - What do we see? A balanced society? Balanced individuals? Balanced Selves?  


Each of us needs to take responsibility for our own well being,

to be part of the WE in Well BALANCED society, country, WORLD.

After all .....
... "We Are the World, We Are the Children"..... 

Let's Deserve & Be Well Worthy Children of Our World!

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