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The Well Worthy MIND

(Part 1)

Well-worthy Mind.

The Mind is Very Powerful. 

Used well, It Can Produce Remarkable Results. 

 Health & Wellness Depend Greatly on The Mind.


Mindfulness is old, but has been given prominence today, by people who realize its important contribution to health and Wellness.

Mindfulness means: purposeful attention (paying attention on purpose), focusing one's attention or the anchoring of one's attention, at will.  It is the training of one's mind to shift from auto pilot to purposefulness.  This is easier said than done, but an excellent practice for wellness - A way to train the brain, if you will.  This is said to produce better self-control, intuition, and learning. Wisdom at its best!

Mindfulness also contributes to compassion, consideration and kindness, at a different level from the norm, (whatever the normal standard is, at the time!?).  Meditation produces mindfulness.  The level of meditation tends to vary from simple to mastery, and accordingly, mindfulness levels will vary also.  Both are very useful tools, used to gain good health and balance, to be well.  I like to think of it this way:

Mindfulness is Treasure,  Meditation is Key.

Although meditation and mindfulness are linked, they are not the same thing.  While meditating one sits in silence, and goes within; Mindfulness, on the other hand, can be practiced while eating, working, doing - performing an action.  In mindfulness, one purposely focuses all one's attention to the 5 senses, (or senses in use).  When playing music, one does not just hear the sounds with one's ears, one pays attention to every note, tune, word - one listens and senses the music.  (You know the feeling) While eating, one does not just feed oneself.  One actually tastes, smells, sees, touches - senses the experience with depth.

While all have experienced mindfulness to some degree, and on some level, it is beneficial to one's well-being to practice it more frequently.  Meditation will enhance the effort, simplify it, and make it easy - common practice. 

Mindfulness Teaches One to Pay Attention to the Body

To Listen to the Warning Signs, or Signs of Improvement, to Learn, &

To Practice What Works, and What Does Not.

Mindfulness Teaches One

With Practice, One Can Become a Master of One’s Self Preservation.

The Mind-Body Connection:

Even though it is obvious, that there is a connection between the two, the medical profession has strayed away from it.  Pharmaceutical companies, benefit from this disconnection, as much as we benefit from the connection.  More recently, however, the need for an alternate method, due to the failure of common medical practices, has been so demanding, that not only insurance companies, but medical communities as a whole, have reconsidered this age-old theory. Studies have been done, to prove once more, that what the mind thinks, the body produces. One can make oneself sick just by thinking (worrying about) it.  In other words, the body reacts to the thought the mind produces.

Fear, stress, anxiety, and depression, can not only make one sick,

but can also have an effect on recovery and cure,

to a very great extent.  That is Big! 


The Positive Side to this Connection is Noteworthy!

[In fact, the benefits of The Mind Body Connection, are what urged me, to remind, inform, and reinforce it!  It is worth yelling aboutfrom rooftops” - (but my fear of heights led me, instead, to" Blog about it"!?)]

So, Ready or Not, Here it Comes:

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste:  

If one's mind can speed up healing, just think what else the mind can do, when it comes to Wellness!  Medical scientists have proved (study after study) many times: Those patients who are positive, at peace, calm, happy, and the like; not only recover better and quicker, but are cured.  Additionally, patients who were in a positive state of mind before going in for tests, produced positive test results, as an outcome.  From a wellness perspective, it is important to remember that one can train one's brain, to tune in and tune out.  Oh yes, a lot easier said than done.  Practice makes it easier, and the results become more and more remarkable.

Again, Try it, before you Buy it.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure:

If you think 




..... You should



Wellness is inexpensive.

Taking it one step further, one can use the mind body connection, as prevention instead of as a cure.  Belief plays an important role here.  Unlike spiritual belief, this is purely in the mind, and one can control it with one’s brainTune in or tune out, intentionally.  If fear, stress, anxiety and worry can slow down the process of recovery and cure, it can also cause one to get sick, (or catch something).

Since the opposite also holds true, for positive results: one can benefit from not associating, embracing or accepting (taking in) a thought, which provokes or enables sickness. Simply putDon't think about it!  The less one does, the less one will fear it, weaken one's senses, and attract it to oneself.  Psyche one's self to , (if that's what it takes). 

It's a Well Worthy Cause!

Vibration Energy:

Great minds like Einstein, Newton, and others of yesterday, as well as scientists today, agree that nothing rests. Everything moves and vibrates.

"We live in an ocean of motion".

One finding that totally fascinated me, and "sold" me on Positive Thinking,

was the effect our vibrations have on water.  

The profound effect that thought vibrations have on water is noteworthy and mind-blowing -  Truly Fascinating!

(If you haven't already, check it out - on Google / U-tube, it's Well Worth knowing) 

Even our thoughts produce vibrations. That, in itself, is so huge, that it has led very "successful minds" to fine tune their brains into producing the positive results they desire.


Think Positive.

Possitive Thinking:

Renowned minds like James Allen, (As a Man Thinketh), The Master Mind behind the Law of attraction, Deepak Chopra (Healthy Mind, Healthy Body), Eckhart Tolle, (The Power of Now), Abdul Kalam (Ignited Minds), and many others, advocate positive thinking.  Even everyday people admired for their magnetism (be it a relative, a friend, a leader of people, a celebrity, or a neighbor) – are Positive Thinkers.

Actions: (voluntary or involuntary) are always the result of thought processes.  They attract, repel, and affect others.  Depending on one's leadership qualities, the action produced by thought, can have far-reaching effects - Even global ones!  Mother Teresa (positive) and Adolf Hitler (negative) serve as good examples of this point.  An individual's thought vibrations (vibration energy - vibes) not only add-up by attracting more of the same vibrations, but multiply at a more rapid rate than one realizes.  Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative.  One’s positive thoughts attract positive energy and positive things to occur, (these thoughts may or may not become actions) and negative thoughts....  You get the idea!

The Infinite Universal Mind:

Does all this mean, that each one brings on (attracts), the positive things in one’s own life?  Yes!  Does this also mean, that each one is responsible for the negative aspects in one’s own life.  Sadly, Yes, Again!  (This one is a hard pill to swallow - tell me about it!?)  Please notice, I did leave out the word all in both sentences - Mainly because, not all positive and all negative is brought on by one individual.  No one person is that effective!  One’s thoughts and actions do affect others, and vice-versa.  “It takes a village”, a country, and sometimes the world. 

We Are All Part of a Whole!

What everyone does, affects the world in some (big or small) way.  Vibrations are the elements that make a difference.  So, while one can and should take responsibility for one’s own thoughts and actions, a portion of it (large or small), does depend on the thoughts and actions of others.  The sufferings of Jesus Christ, and the actions of Adolf Hitler, are proof  that not only do other's vibes matter, but that, one determined vibe can and does make a difference, also!

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" -  Einstein.

Truth Be Told:

So, to answer the question that is on most people's mind:  NO!  The unfortunate people in parts of the world that suffer untold misery did not bring it on themselves.  Our collective actions produce results that favor some, and disrespect others - Another hard pill to swallow!  The fact of the matter is, that the haves and the have-nots are a result of uneven distribution.  As long as one takes more, another gets less!  The earth does have enough to satisfy everyone's NEED, but just not enough for everyone's GREED (Mahatma Gandhi). The unfavorable changes in our environment and climate, have been a major inconvenience, but a blessing in disguise.  This in our face, "Inconvenient Truth", serves as a good reminder that one can, and should respect nature, and that every one is, in-fact, a part of  

The Universal Whole.

When the"fortunate population" has to bear "unfortunate circumstances", it soon becomes everyone's business.


One's Thoughts and Actions Have to Be In Sync:

The infininate univral mind.

This is not so simple, and requires dedication.  One may want to think positive, but when negative thoughts creep in, it is difficult, not to get side tracked.  (We can all relate to that, I'm sure!?) With adequate practice, however, Positive becomes Possible - a healthy - Well Worthy way of life!    Before long, one even finds oneself in good company - Among other positive people.  Sometimes (very peculiarly so), the very same people, just seem a lot .....   nicer (!?)  We change our perspective and "judge not", judge less, or just not as much).

Vibration Energy.

So, There's no Denying it :  

From a Well Worthy Perspective,  Every one of us is not only Responsible for our Own Well Worthiness, but also for the Well-Being of others.

So Think Well & Be Worthy, XOXO.


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